The Durango Ring, Two-stone ring in sterling silver, thin with open front, adjustable

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The Durango Ring, two-stone open front adjustable ring in sterling silver

Product Features: This simple and elegant adjustable ring has been designed in two styles and two sizes - thick and thin shanks and sizes 6 and 8.5. They are meant to be adjusted +/- one size, but this is up to you to decide what is comfortable. 

Metal: This ring is cast in sterling silver from a wax model.

Stone: These rings are inlaid with the following combinations of stone: jet and mother of pearl, lapis and mother of pearl, two-tone turquoise, and #8 turquoise and dinosaur bone. 

Creator Notes: In a search for ring designs that would fit as many people as possible, I arrived at this adjustable style. They are lightweight and low-profile for everyday wear. I inlay these with four combinations of stones complementary to each other and many outfits. For the lapis I chose darker blues sometimes with smaller white highlights and pair this with mother of pearl. I choose jet for the rich black color, paired with mother of pearl for a classic black and white. For the #8 turquoise I select areas with tan and earth tones and pair this with a brown and tan dinosaur bone. The dark blue and light blue turquoise are natural complimentary colors and represent the clear water and skies.