The Colorado Ring in sterling silver

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This is the mountain ring representative of mountains around the world and based on the mountains of Colorado. Unroll the channel and it's the state license plate!

Every ring is cast in 100% sterling silver and and the channel is antiqued for contrast. 

They are 2.5mm thick (distance away from the finger) and 6mm tall (distance from knuckle to knuckle). A size 5 is approximately 10 grams and a size 9 is about 12 grams of silver. 

Couples love this as a wedding ring to celebrate shared love of the outdoors and I love it as a solid ring to wear everyday.

Creator Notes: The channel on this ring is the border between the mountains and the sky from the CO state license plate.  I wanted a design that is representative of the mountains and instead of using the front range with Long's Peak I chose the image from the state license plate. I wrapped this into a ring shape and widened the line to make a channel in a solid ring band and blackened it for contrast. I 3d printed sizes 5-12, cast and made masters. These rings are made from wax injection models of the original masters and are cast in sterling silver.