Three-stone sterling silver ring, turquoise and dinosaur bone, Size 6

Kell Designs
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Product Features: This split shank ring covers more of your finger while staying stable and comfortable on the finger.

Metal: This ring is hand fabricated from sterling silver sheet and wire.

Stone: This ring features two #8 turquoise cabs and one gembone cab. The gembone is sourced from the western slope of CO and the #8 comes from the Otteson family in NV.


Creator Notes: I like split shanks on larger rings because the split distributes the forces of the ring along the finger which makes it wear lighter and more stable than a tighter-fitting band. I wanted to present the complimentary colors present in the turquoise and the gembone in the same ring. Dino bone is a unique material in both color and texture variations. These stones arranged lengthwise along the finger in a stable well made ring is the result.